Founder and Chairman of Autoworld

When the Mahy Collection, one of the largest car collections in the world, was looking for a new home in the mid 1980’s, on my initiative as the Minister of Transportation at the time, together with my good friend Louis Olivier, then minister of Public Works, one of the halls at the Cinquantenaire in Brussels,  was arranged to house a National Car Museum.

On September 29, 1986 the Museum “Autoworld” opened its doors. I had the honor to chair the governing board. Today, I am still the chairman of this institution, which I am very proud of.

Autoworld is currently much more than a museum; it has become the  meeting place for enthusiasts of classic and modern cars from all over the world.

Under the leadership of director Sebastien De Baere, Autoworld has grown into a dynamic entity that succeeds in being self-sufficient without government funding, through the organization of numerous events. The institution, Autoworld, can count on a large group of enthusiastic volunteers.

There are high profile exhibitions on a regular basis in Autoworld, and the Museum is providing a magnificent background for large number of events.

As a proud chairman, I would like to invite you to visit this gem within the international museum landscape.

For further information:

Jubelpark 11, 1000 Brussels