Thanks to the voters uninterrupted  elected as a member of parliament for more then 52 years, I already had an exciting and fulfilled life holding countless ministerial posts, the honor of serving as “first citizen” of the country as Speaker of the House for 8 years,  minister of State, honorary mayor of Brakel, professor-emeritus, etc…

In July 2019, I ended my parliamentary mandate and made way for a promising young politician.  Then, am I retired now? No, not at all; I am still working for a number of associations to support and to develop further that I have been passionate about and co-managed for many years:   The Autoworld, the Centre for the Study of Central Africa CREAC, the European Transport and Security Council, the Cardiological Foundation Princess Liliane, our local top female volleybalteam Saturnus Michelbeke, etc…

I would like to introduce them to you on this website.

Crucial for me was, is and always will be the contact with the citizen: My fellow citizens in Brakel who come to me and ask to clarify a certain measure; the farmer in Libramont who is concerned about the survival of his crucial trade; young families in the suburbs of Kinshasa who try to survive daily and to give their children a better future; the student in India who  gathers knowledge and also tries to be part of  a new generation in that densely populated continent.

We are in a world in transformation; on a local, regional and international basis.  The Corona crisis, alas, will leave permanent scars; furthermore, it  brought some irreversible changes to our world.

On this website, I will try to share on a regular basis my point of view on things and give some extra interpretation.

Herman De Croo